netCDF to raster tool fails when input is a variable in Modelbuilder (ArcGIS 10)

Discussion created by andyroo on Feb 8, 2011
I've enjoyed the increased iteration functionality in Modelbuilder, and recently I've been using it to quickly chain together tools and run them for directories of files. When trying to do this with a netCDF file, the tool works fine if I just specify a single netCDF file, but when I try to chain it to the Iterate Files Modelbuilder iterator, it fails miserably (not a valid file).

More of an FYI than anything, I'm just using Python now. argh.

Also I noticed that while you can select "batch" and "browse" for the netcdf to raster tool, you can't populate the input fields with multiple files through the browse option. It only fills the first box. strangely, it chokes at the directory level. you have to click the "open" option for each row if you want to run a batch process. Seems like that would be a bug.

AND ... when I finished running the batch process... No Files! So I figured, Oh, batch must be broken. But Arc10 thinks the files are there! They're not in the folder, catalog doesn't show them (yes I refreshed)... Anyway, I attached a screenshot showing the results of running the batch, the empty folder, etc...