How can I use polygon projected from Google in QueryTask?

Discussion created by almondo on Jul 27, 2010

I need to project a user digitized polygon (GPolygon) before executing a QueryTask. I *think* this is an issue because the ESRI/Google API returns an ESRI geometry type after projecting a google geometry (GPolygon). The ESRI/Google API only takes Google geometry and thus the quandry.


I think it's a bug ... our data is in NAD27 and we've had limited success getting it to align with Google as a dynamic map service. Per an ESRI knowledge doc we have VBA code in the map document serving up the data. This aligns the data with google visually; however, when we perform a querytask the results we get back indicate the querytask is performed against the native projection (NAD27). So I was thinking I'd take the polygon the user digitizes and re-project back to NAD27 prior to performing the query.

The only thing I can think of is switching to the ESRI/JavaScript API for the QueryTask. It looks like it's query task does take the ESRI geometry type. I'm not really stoked on referencing both the Google/ESRI and JavaScript/ESRI libraries so wanted to see if anybody had thoughts on a different approach?

Thanks in advance!