version changes tool error; topology errors

Discussion created by SRoberts on Dec 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2014 by SRoberts
After making edits in a versioned featuredataset, the version changes tool lists 15 updates to the parcel feature class which was not edited.  The parcel and zoning feature classes participate in a topology.  The first of the 7 changes listed for parcel are miniscule changes in the shape area and lenght.  I assume that this is an annoying side affect of topology.  Even if we just split one zoning feature (note, no boundary shared with parcels is edited), then several parcel features that merely touch the split feature have their shapes updated by a miniscule amount.  Is this a "feature" or a bug?

Secondly, I have 8 features in the feature class that was not edited that appear in the version changes tool as updates, but no change is highlighted.  I understood from the version changes document help documen that at least one property should be printed as bold so you can see what attribute (or shape) was changed.  Why would these be listed?  See the attached image.

Finally, if I validate topolgy for the area, all topology errors that were marked as exceptions for any of the featues in all of the feature classes that participate in the topology that touch the split zoning feature are unmarked and I have to review them all again.  Is this also a "feature"?