Adding X, Y data to Attribute Table

Discussion created by spk578 on Nov 23, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2010 by spk578
I am and have successfully added X,Y data using the built in ArcGIS toolbox 'data management tools' > 'Features' to add X, Y data to the attribute table from point data. However this has caused a problem, for I have been using the data to build up a model in Petrel, hence exporting the X,Y coordinates via a text file and my collegue dosen't understand why the coordinates have negative values. I suggested this is due to them being south of the 'equator' and west of the central meridian on the projection system I have been using.

Is there a way of exporting the X, Y values in Decimal Degrees rather than meters (which I think it exports the data as)? I have a screen shot below showing the negative attributes in the Y coloumn. The values are quite large intergers suggesting meters as the output type.