Use value from dbf field as input to model variable

Discussion created by Playa on Oct 17, 2010
I've created a summary statistics dbf table and would like to use the value from MAX_Value as input to the Arc Hydro - Stream Definition Model. The Stream Definition Model requires a value to determine stream which is stored as a Double Variable. I'm looking for a way that when the model runs the value is taken automatically from the following field and placed within the follwing variable to be used by the Stream Definition Model. I have tried to create a new double variable, change it to a list and select the first field and use the context menu to define the value to be inserted by a specified table. After select the table and appropriate field the value is visible within the field. I have tried to link this double variable as input to the Stream Definition Model for the Threshold, but although the model accepts the linked variable, the model is still greyed out. I've also tried inline substitution with no luck. The second problem with this approach is that the value stored within the variable is static, as it does not update unless you use the context menu to select the table and appropriate field. Any advice in how to resolve this and make use of a value within a field or a better approach in taking 0.5% of the maximum value of a Flow Accumulation grid the be used as the Threshold value, would really be appreciated....

I'm currently using ArcGIS 9.3 SP1 and Windows XP SP3