Passing Field Value as input to Double Variable

Discussion created by Playa on Oct 17, 2010
I'm tyring to use the stats calculated on my DEM to determine the Stream Threshold for the Arc Hydro tool - Stream Definition. The defualt value is 5000 cells. The prefered value for Stream Definition - Threshold is 0.5% of the Maximum cells. I have created a model that builds raster attributes, sumarises statistics and based on the maximum value calculate 0.5%. The value is currently stored in a table within a file geodatabase. I have created a double variable and selected it as a list which allows me to select the input value to be taken from a table, once I've chosen the stats table it asks what field, where I select the Threshold. The value that I'm trying to use is visible, yet when I try to use inline-variable substitution the input double variable found in Arc Hydro - Stream Definition won't accept inline variable substitution. If anyone can assist in how to solve this or a better aproach in calculating the threshold as being 0.5% of the maximum values of Flow Accumulation Grid. I'm tyring to automate Terrain Preprocessing to batch process an entire continent.