Field type in Python. Please help

Discussion created by MrFahrenheit on Sep 30, 2010
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Hi all,

trying to build a model using a combination of model builder and python. I'm not a programmer so my preference is just model builder but I can't do a certain step without a python script (at least I can't think of a way).

I have a shapefile and I need to test whether or not it has a specific field name (I found a code for that in the ESRI help files) and also if it does have that field that it is of a particular type and length e.g. text and 15.

The ESRI script works fine for determining the presence of the field. I can't get the code adjusted to allow for the field type though.

The code allows for 2 outputs, essentially True or False, which i can use as preconditions for the rest of the model.

If anyone has a hint on how to alter this so that I can test whether the field is of the correct type and length that would be much appreciated.