prefix in the version name

Discussion created by hadas522222 on Sep 4, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2010 by tbello-esristaff
We have been working with JTX 9.3.1 for a few months and we are quite satisfied, although we have a problem that we would like to solve.
The User Connection Properties are based on: "Each JTX user will connect with their own database login" and that works fine.
In the workflow the editor runs the "Create Version" step (see the attached file- for example yovav.job_5203) and then the editor opens ArcMap directly with his version.  When the Team Leader wants to post from his computer which has a different login, we have a problem. He cannot succeed because of the prefix on the version name (yovav.job_5203),
Is there a way to ignore the prefix in the version name?