Problem loading enc   NON .000 format

Discussion created by priyanka_mehta on Aug 12, 2010
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   Does anyone have a solution to my problem ???
  I am working on some project that requires ENC files. Actually, I am facing some trouble with importing files that are not in .000 format. I am using the ENC Data Handler with ArcGIS Desktop to import these S-57 cells. The tool does not even recognize the files as S-57 cell if they do not have a .000 extension.

   We get monthly updates, like for April we received - 4034.000 and 4035.000. From the month of May we have been getting updates like 4037.008, 4038.003, 4039.006 etc. Can somebody please help me with this or tell me the place where I should be looking for help. I have attached the kind of error I receive, when I attempt to load a non .000 format ENC file

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