Python script tool: "Failed to execute.."

Discussion created by philmorefield on Jun 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2010 by dhoneycutt-esristaff
This is a tool to process multiple NetCDF files, and requires the installation of a "non-standard" module (Scientific Python by Konrad Hinson). Whenever I run the tool, all of the calculations are performed correctly but the last three lines in the progress box look like this:

Completed script CalculateDelta...
Failed to execute (CalculateDelta).
End Time: Tue Jun 29 08:55:48 2010 (Elapsed Time: 22.00 seconds)

Has anyone seen this before? What is frustrating is that I have a smaller tool that uses the same module and works fine, even adding the output to the TOC with "gp.SetParameterAsText".....which mysteriously doesn't work on this tool, for some reason. I feel like I'm missing something obvious, since this is my first set of script tools that defines a Python function. I've been through the code and tool parameters a dozen times at least looking for errors, and I'm using a Try/Except loop but not catching any errors (script attached).

Thanks in advance.