Reclassify Using Percents as Break Values -  Input Raster Maximum is Out of Range

Discussion created by minusyellow on Jun 23, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2012 by hg223
I would like to reclassify some of my grids / rasters using the following parameters:

15.01 to 25
5.01 to 15
-5 to 5
-5.01 to -15
-15.01 to -25

I try to reclassify within the Reclassify Tool (see image) using these break values:


I get the following error when I I try to execute the operation using the above values:

"The input raster maximum (0.005596832465052605) is out of range. To ensure a correct reclassification, edit ranges or use a different precision settings in the Reclassification dialogue box. Do you want to proceed using the current reclassification table anyway?"

I click yes and get this error:
"ERROR 010067" Error in executing grid expression. Unable to initialize reclass table."

I have tried increasing and decreasing the precision to no avail.

Please advise,
Thank you kindly,