Polygon from IPointCollection

Discussion created by nigel_tait on May 27, 2010
Latest reply on May 27, 2010 by agray1

I have a query regarding the creation of a polygon from an IPointCollection (see attached).

I have 2 IPolylines (A and B) that are closed circles.  A is created via ConstructOffset of B.  Both A and B have IPointCollections that start and finish at X and vertices that travel in a clockwise direction.

My aim is to create a polygon out of these two lines by the insertion of the red line at C.

My thinking is that the vertices in boundary of the new Polygon should start at X and travel clockwise around A, back to X.  Then down the red line and anticlockwise around B until reaching the redline and back up to X.

I have reversed the orientation of the vertices in IPointCollection B and added both A and B IPointCollections to a new Polygon point collection.

However I get a solid donut polygon with a hole, the red line seems to be ignored.

Any assistance appreciated...