Need help with Network Analyst (Routing)

Discussion created by hpbrantley on Jul 1, 2014
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I'm stumped. I'm trying to create a small routing application for walking routes on my university campus. Part of this includes routing around obstacles like steps, for the disabled. The routing works fine but when I query the obstacles, they load but are ignored when I solve.

Here is the console log.

Object {routeResults: Array[1], barriers: Array[26], polygonBarriers: Array[0], polylineBarriers: Array[0], messages: Array[0]}
barriers: Array[26]
messages: Array[0]
polygonBarriers: Array[0]
polylineBarriers: Array[0]
routeResults: Array[1]
__proto__: Object

But yet the route goes through the barriers. You can see the code and app at http://cpc-fis.vanderbilt.edu/map/barriers.php.

I am just about bald by now. Any help will be much appreciated.