Automating a Find and Zoom Process

Discussion created by bortinij on Jul 1, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by gchedore
Hi all,
I am a total newbie to programming anything into Arc with little to no programming experience but I'm finding the need to be able to automate certain processes so now's as good of time as any to start learning.  The problem is, I need to get this process going ASAP, of course...

What I'm trying to do seems fairly simple:

I have a bunch of points with unique ID's and I need to be able to export the area around these points from my base map to JPG's at multiple zoom levels.

My process might look like this:
1. Enter the unique ID into a field
2. The program/script would zoom to the point with this ID and export a JPG at two or three different scales.

Can I do this in model builder or will I need to write a Python script?