Getting Field Values of Specific Layer

Discussion created by afrocodes on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2014 by oearley
I've been trying to read through the ArcGIS JavaScript API but can't find what I want.

I have a web map on my page that is based on my my map stored on ArcGIS online.
I want to create an if/else statement that does different things based on the value of a field in the layer. But I'm having a hard time accessing the field of the layer I want. Here is part of the JavaScript in my HTML code.

    var exLayer = actualmap.getLayer(actualmap.layerIds[6]).layerInfos[0];

With the code above, I am able to access the layer I want in my web map. The web service I want is number 6 on the AGOL map, and the layer I want on this web service is number 0.

I'm trying to access the field in layer 0 called "TID", and I want to get the rows with "TID" > 0 and rows "TID" = 0 for my if/else statement. I tried the below to access field names, but it didn't work. It just gave me the layer name.

    var test1 = Field(exLayer).name;

Any suggestions?