Creating sloping plane raster

Discussion created by tim_dj on Jun 26, 2014
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I'm trying to create a raster of a sloping plane. I would like to use it to fill a gap in a raster for which there is no data, but I have an estimate of the surface shape at the location.

I followed this solution:

and have the aspect, slope and constant values for the equation, but I then found out that the $$XMap and $$YMap functions were removed from ArcMap 10. I tried it with ArcMap 9 on a different computer and it crashed the program.

This is the equation I used in raster calculator (in v9):
$$XMap * (2.75835) - $$YMap * (3.26735) - 27105.9
(british national grid, analysis extent set to the same as a polygon shape file, cell size 0.5)

So my questions are:
1) is there a way to generate a plane with a constant slope in ArcMap 10 (without using python if possible, as I have no experience with it)
2) otherwise, have I made a mistake in raster calculator with v9?

ArcMap 10.1 Basic
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