Creating a mosaic layer

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Hi all,

Sorry it is a dummie question. I managed to do something last week and it was really easier... However I've been looking for a couple of hours this morning and I cannot find the solution again...

I'm trying to create a mosaic layer with a input of 15 pictures.

First of all I don't want to use the mosaic to new raster because it always reinterpolate the pixel of the raster and I want to keep them the way it is and not reinterpolated.

I think the solution I find was within the data management toolbox where I was creating a temporary mosaic that I was then able to save as a layer file (I add to set the option to pick up the lowest value if two image were overlapping in order that the white background surrounding my picture will not appear in the mosaic layer).

I can't remember what tool did I use. The only thing I find this morning is the tool make mosaic layer. But it ask me as first entry to define mosaic dataset which I don't remember I had to point to anything.

I rember I only need to select all the relevant raster and decide which was selected in case of overlap (first-last-mean-min-max...) then a layer was added which I had to save to reopen on other drawing.

Any idea what I could do?