Arcgis Server not displaying cache status

Discussion created by hughespc on Jun 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by wboras
I have created multiple GIS servers together,  so now have 4 machines in a cluster that intend to create caches (2 machines are windows 2003, 2 are windows 2012),  they appear in the site machines list and can happily publish map services.  My problem comes when I try and create a cache.  Arccatalog appears to be be creating a cache as displayed in the results window.  If I try and view the cache status the status says 0.0% of tiles are present.  There are no entries in the cache status (I expect to see at least the levels)  Have stopped the server.  Restarted and still no levels are displayed.  Have removed the status GDB and rebuilt the cache status.  The folders are present on the shared folder (all 4 servers in the cluster share the same folders).  All servers are fresh install and simply joined to the existing site.