Accessing SDE data in Collector

Discussion created by JamesArmstrong on Jun 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2015 by PeteMcRostie
I am new to the ArcGIS online, but it does seem exciting.  I have successfully accessed data points in the Collector App (Android) from a hosted featureClass, but when trying to do so using a map service from my ArcGIS Server, the points do not come through on CollectorApp.  I get them in the web map and mapping application on the Desktop, but not in the Collector.  I get everything but the points.   I am using 10.2.1 Server, so I am wondering if this would resolve in 10.2.2.  I'm pretty sure all of the permissions are correct as I do have security in place from the map service through the web map

Any advice, suggestions, or hints would be most appreciated.

James Armstrong