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Disconnected data will not sync: iOS & AGS 10.3

04-09-2015 03:42 PM
Occasional Contributor III

None of our data collected in disconnected maps on iPad/iPhone will sync.

The iPad reports successful sync, but the data never arrives back in the parent SDE geodatabase.

I run Russ' script to read the tables in the sqlite gdb on the ArcGIS Server, and the resultant delta tables report zero changes.

This suggests that the iPad lies: there are no edits being reported to AGS, so no edits to push to SDE.

When I try to sync the Ags replicas manually, I get a serious application error.

How can I troubleshoot this?


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Esri Notable Contributor

-Try running the 10.3 GDB tool Runtime Database to File Geodatabase and see if that displays any features.

-Enable debug logs on your server and see if any errors are thrown in the logs

-Are you using versioned data?


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1. Running the Runtime has the same results as the script: delta tables in both, not data.

2. The errors in the logs are bizarre.  They throw "schema lock" and "insufficient permissions" for feature classes NOT participating in the sync, and "version not found" errors for a sync versions which also are NOT related to this process.

It sounds crazy, I know.  I'll create a support ticket and update this thread with the results.

Thanks for your help!

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