Accessing SDE data in Collector

06-18-2014 01:56 PM
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I am new to the ArcGIS online, but it does seem exciting.  I have successfully accessed data points in the Collector App (Android) from a hosted featureClass, but when trying to do so using a map service from my ArcGIS Server, the points do not come through on CollectorApp.  I get them in the web map and mapping application on the Desktop, but not in the Collector.  I get everything but the points.   I am using 10.2.1 Server, so I am wondering if this would resolve in 10.2.2.  I'm pretty sure all of the permissions are correct as I do have security in place from the map service through the web map

Any advice, suggestions, or hints would be most appreciated.

James Armstrong
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Just curious to know if you every got this question answered?

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You don't use the "map service" in the webmap, you need to use the "feature service". Collector only shows "feature services" which are the editable services.

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You would need to use the URL of the rest point for the feature service and add that "From the web" when putting content on ArcGIS Online.  So it would be something like yourserver/rest/the_service/featureservice.

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You can add a feature service to the webmap and make the service not editable in AGOL - see the options menu for the layer in your AGOL map.

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