How to use dojo for ajax form submission

Discussion created by dolot on Jun 18, 2014
I'm new to web development and have been placed on a project where we'll be using dojo as our javascript library - since it's the same one ESRI uses for the ArcGIS api for javascript.  This question doesn't really have anything to do with arcGis, but I thought maybe someone here could answer it.

I have a form where I show a dojo dialog.  This dialog is populated using an url to the webserver.  I have a form in the dialog where the user can view/edit some data.  I want to be able to submit the data back to the server.  I'm guessing that this needs to be done via ajax - but maybe I'm wrong about that.  What I basically want to happen is... when the user clicks the 'submit' button, the dialog goes away and the data is sent back to the server.  I'm not sure how to accomplish all of this. 

Any advice would be appreciated.