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select by attribute with shape fields on sde layer

Question asked by laurencecuche on Jun 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by laurencecuche
Hi all,

i am facing a weird thing when i try to make a selection with arcmap 'select by attribute' or a 'definition query' like:

select * from myfeatureclass where shape.area > 100 and myvarcharfield = 'Hello'
-> Nothing gets selected (and it should!)

If i split the query:
select * from myfc where shape.area > 100
-> all ok
select * from myfc where myvarcharfield = 'Hello'
-> all ok

If i trace the sql on the db side i get the following statement:

To obtain the right result i must wrap the query with UPPER()
select * from myfeatureclass where shape.area > 100 and upper(myvarcharfield) = upper('Hello')

I am am not really happy with this solution because 'HELLO' and 'Hello' are NOT the same!

Did someone else experienced that?? Would that be a bug?

My setup:

Oracle 11g (Windows)
ArcSDE 10.1 SP1
Direct Connect from ArcMap 10.1