Use custom basemap - no ArcGIS server - remove Esri basemap

Discussion created by SRTCadmin on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2014 by SRTCadmin
I'm trying to create a customized basemap via desktop tools and load into ArcGIS Online. I don't have licensing for ArcGIS Server. I have been reading and testing extensively via desktop tools and had good success with the numerous options. My cache will be larger than 256mb so I can't upload tile package via browser. I'm looking at 5 to perhaps 15 GB when complete. So I'll upload via desktop to AGOL connection.

While I can get nice looking test caches to AGOL, I can't seem to remove the Esri basemap behind everything. I've successfully created basemap groups and customized the basemaps my users' see, but I still have to have an Esri basemap drawing behind my carefully designed cached basemap.

Please help me if you can, find out to make my cache the only one that the user sees.