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Labael Expression --  carriage return proglem

Question asked by housewren on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by rfairhur24
I am using ArcGIS 10.1  I have a several fields and strings I would like to use in a label expression and I would like it to start a newline part way through.  I have tried both with vbScript and Python, and when I verify it looks correct, but when I apply it to the map it is all on a single line.

Here is my vbScript form:

                  [NAME] &  " : "  &  [NUMBEROFFIBERS] + " Strand" & vbCrLf  & [FiberMode]

An example of the output is:
                 Cable 43 : 24 STRAND SINGLEMODE

I have also tried it using vbNewLine--it doesn't make any difference.  I have used the vbCrLf in maps I have created in the past and it has worked fine; this time I am using the ESRI Telecom Editing map template.  It looks like the template is using the Maplex labeling engine, but I'm not familiar with that.  Could there be some map or label setting that would prevent the use of a new line?

I also don't understand why "Strand" is in all caps in the output when that's not the way I put it in the script.