Add link to query display, zoom.

Discussion created by thebillcarr on Jun 12, 2014
I'm working on a public application to show the location of water utility boil orders and hydrant flushing to it's users. I wish to include a zoom function to the query so that when a polygon is created it will be display and have a button/link/object(preferably the field describing the location)  to click on that will zoom to the polygon feature.

Best I can figure, I need to add the accordion panein the script in order to add these additional abilities to the query.

Here is my query:
      panther ();
        function panther() {
         query1.where = " active boil orders only";  
          queryTask1.execute(query1, showResults1);
          function showResults1 (results) {
          var resultItems = [];
          var resultCount = results.features.length;
          for (var i = 0; i < resultCount; i++) {
            var featureAttributes = results.features[i].attributes;
            for (var attr in featureAttributes) {
              resultItems.push("<b>" + attr + ":</b>  " + featureAttributes[attr] + "<br>");
          dom.byId("info1").innerHTML = resultItems.join("");
          dom.byId("info1c").innerHTML = resultCount;

And this is the accordion container to display the query(pardon the otter based lorem ipsum:
  var aContainer = new AccordionContainer({style:"height: 300px"}, "markup");
    aContainer.addChild(new ContentPane({
        title: "About Boil Orders",
        content: "Boil orders is what we do when someone put a river otter in our lines."
    aContainer.addChild(new ContentPane({
        title:"About Hydrant Flushing",
        content:"This is how we flush out the otters."
    aContainer.addChild(new ContentPane({
        title:"Current Boil Orders",
        content:"mmmmm... boiled otter"
      aContainer.addChild(new ContentPane({
        title:"Current Flushes",
        content:"Like a toilet, otter style."

This is where I'm not sure where to go.
I'm not dead set on this concept, so if anyone has a better idea one how to make this happen. Any help, links, advice would be most appreciated.