Editor tracking different user name

Discussion created by dabu-esri-sgroup-esridist on Jun 10, 2014
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I have scenario where users uses same sql user to connect database, but I want to use ArcGIS editor tracking by seting user name from current thread. Acording to documentation ArcGIS editor tracking always uses sql user name for creator/modifier fields, that means that my scenarion could not be implemented. But I did some tests with feature service and noticed that feature service put logged in user name (in server I registered database with login "test", but to feature service I log in as "test2", in db record I get "test2").

I just need to use different user name than sql user for editor tracking, some ideas how to do that using standard editor tracking? I know that there are interfaces to configure fields used for editor tracking, also real configuration, but I do not see the way how to change user name. I can use class extensions for that, but then I don't need editor tracking.