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DataStore query

Question asked by havel.chris on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by havel.chris
I am updating a grid with the code below using a DataStore.  This data store has a ton of records in it and I do need all those records for another purpose.  BUT I would also like to take this query and do some sort of DISTINCT by the 'Genus' and 'Species' to also pass to a Grid with just the unique Genus  and Species....

Can I grab the return from variable "data" below and get the distinct records?

          function updateGrid(featureSet) {         var data =, function (entry, i) {           return {             GENUS: entry.attributes.GENUS,             id: entry.attributes.OBJECTID,             COMMON_NAME: entry.attributes.COMMON_NAME,             SPECIES: entry.attributes.SPECIES           };         });          // If you use a store...   dataStore = new Memory({       "data": data,       "idProperty": "id"   });   gridNoColumnSets3.set("store", dataStore);         gridNoColumnSets3.startup();      }