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use webmap with custom WMS-service as a basemap

Question asked by snaperski on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by snaperski

I tried to use updated Map Tour template (downloadable version for developers), but have some complications.
The problem is that when I replace webmapid (in index.html) to b259b2e5e83a43eda8107f6017aaca09, then loading map tour it throws me an error: "Sorry, Map Tour loading failed"

My webmap
has custom WMS-service as a basemap (and with our national SRS EPSG:3301), so I guess this should be the problem?
I have no problem using it with some other webmap that has ESRI basemap.

I still assume, it should be possible to suck webmap with WMS-service as a basemap into storymap... but how?

Raivo Alla
Estonian Land Board