[Dojo] Multiple applications which communicate in one page?

Discussion created by SantoP on Jun 4, 2014
I face the following issue:
- I have 2 Typo3 plugins, each using dojo.
- I have no idea in which order they are getting placed into the html.
- One is a map element, the other is a search element accessing the map element
- Namespaces for each typo3 plugin would be located in their respective typo3 plugin folder.
- There might be other typo3 plugins using dojo these 2 plugins should not break.

So I have these namespaces:
com/companya/map located in typo3conf/ext/mapplugin/.../com/companya/map
com/companyb/search located in typo3conf/ext/searchplugin/.../com/companyb/search

The issue is, that dojo needs to know these namespace paths before getting loaded, but with typo3 I can't know which gets initialized first.
How do you handle such situations ? This must be a common problem, but I haven't found any information on it.

Thanks in advance.