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using dot density renderer with dynamic layer

Question asked by dmarquardt on Jun 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by nita14

I'm looking to make a dot density map with a DynamicMapServiceLayer (dynamic layer).  While I've seen dynamic layers used in other rendering types (such as Class Breaks), I haven't seen one for dot density (the examples I have seen use a FeatureLayer instead).  I've been testing a potential solution below.  The following script is based on  The only change I made was to swap out the classbreaks function for a dot density function (to create a dot density renderer). My questions are:

Have you seen any examples using a dot density renderer with a dynamic Layer?
The Classbreaks function uses a generateRendererTask when setting up the LayerDrawingOptions.  Does the dot density use the same Task? 

Thank you for your time,


       function getData() {
          domStyle.set("loading", "visibility", "visible");
        function dotDensity() {
          selectField = registry.byId("fieldNames").get("value") || "POP2007";
          var renderer = new DotDensityRenderer({
            fields: [{
              name: selectField,
              color: new Color("#CC8800")
            dotValue: 3200,
            dotSize: 1
          applyRenderer(renderer);  // this is one part I'm not sure of.  
                                    // do I need to put this in a GenerateRendererTask?
        function applyRenderer(renderer) {  
          // dynamic layer stuff
          var optionsArray = [];
          var drawingOptions = new LayerDrawingOptions();
          drawingOptions.renderer = renderer; 
          // set the drawing options for the relevant layer
          // optionsArray index corresponds to layer index in the map service
          optionsArray[2] = drawingOptions;
          // create the legend if it doesn't exist
          if ( ! app.hasOwnProperty("legend") ) {