GraphicsLayer adds points as svg path instead of svg circle

Discussion created by tcoopman on Jun 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by tcoopman
I'm trying to style my graphicsLayer with css instead of a custom renderer.
The problem is that the GraphicsLayer with styling = false and adds points as svg path instead of circles. These paths are very small and not stylable.

I was wondering why the GraphicsLayer doesn't add circle elements to the map if styling is set to false. The workaround that I see is that I could set styling to true and still provide styling with css, but then I also need a custom renderer.

So, can I enforce GraphicsLayer to add points as svg circle?

(To clarify, I have multiple geometry types on the graphicslayer. Otherwise I could just set the default symbol to be a circle, but because I also have lines and polygons I cannot use this solution.)