List Multiple Geocoders in Downloaded Web App Template

Discussion created by afrocodes on May 30, 2014
Hello again,

I downloaded a web app template to my computer based on a map I created in ArcGIS online.

On the ArcGIS Online version, I have the ability to press a drop down menu and pick from 3 geolocoders to find an address.

However, when I view the map in a browser based on the code I downloaded from the ESRI github, this option goes away. Only one geocoder shows. It's either the default geocoder, or the geocoder I put in the placefinder code found here on the index.html page:

 placefinder: {
          "url": "geocoding service link here",
          "placeholder": "Search",

"Placefinder" is accessed by the external layout.js page in function that determines whether to use the default geocoder or geocoder listed in the url under placefinder.

Is there a way to put the pick from 3 geocoders in a list functionality back into my javascript or html page by manipulating the index.html or layout.js pages? Has anyone tried this before?