C# Program/Python Script

Discussion created by Lazola90 on May 29, 2014
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Hello, I need assistance with creating a program or a python script to automate the connecting of two nodes. I currently work with tedious sums of line data and, they must all be connected. Topology does assist in detecting Dandling Nodes, but I still have to manually connect the nodes. I need assistance will automating this long process. So if it can be done through C# programming in MVS2010 as I have ArcObjects, or even better, a python script that can do all of this.

There is a python script I tried, but due to licence issues, it did not work out. The python script access the Clean Tool found in the Coverage Toolset, but I do not have that toolset to access the tool itself. Also, I read about Bulk Sapping, which hopefully does the same thing but the code is in VBA.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.