Troubles getting identify attributes into a TabContainer

Discussion created by insanebunny on May 28, 2014
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So I was able to get everything to work fine, still not sure what fixed it.  Anyways, in a Content Pane, can I still run a switch case on my data so that calculations can be performed to populate my attributes field?

For example in an InfoTable i would have had:

//"<br><tr><b>Calculation needed: </b><td>${calculate:compare6}Ha</tr></td>"

And then below I would have put in

compare6 = function (value,key,data) {
 var result = "", diff;
perform calculation to get area
 switch (key) {
    case "calculate":
      diff = data.calculation1 - data.calculation2;

How would this same task be performed when using

I have been struggling to get my attributes to show up in my TabContainer which I have placed inside an InfoTemplate.

 var infoWindow = new InfoWindow(null, domConstruct.create("div"));
//Operating area
var opareaTemplate = new InfoTemplate("Operating Area", "${OP_AREA}" )

//Create info template to hold the content inside
var vliTemplate = new esri.InfoTemplate();
function getWindowContent(graphic) {
//make a tab container
var tc = new dijit.layout.TabContainer({
useMenu: false,
}, dojo.create("div"));

//add content pane 1 and 2 - these are the tabs
var cp1 = new dijit.layout.ContentPane({
title: "Current",
content: "Visual: <tr><b>VLI Number:</b> <td>" + graphic.attributes.Tbl_ResultSummary_VQO_CFLBarea + "</tr></td>"
var cp2 = new dijit.layout.ContentPane({
title: "Approved",
content: "<br><tr><b>VQO: </b><td>\${Tbl_ResultSummary_VQO_EVQO_CD}</tr></td>"

return tc.domNode;

When I click on my layer service, I get the popup with the tabs as desired, however the attributes that are supposed to be collected from shows up as "Undefined" and where I tried to replicate the code from my original infoTemplate code in my cp2 tab just show up as text: VQO: ${Tbl_ResultSummary_VQO_EVQO_CD}

What am I missing?