Error when reading app config from Arcgis Online

Discussion created by krooole on May 28, 2014
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I have deployed a map viewer based on this excellent swipe viewer.
Configuration is read from an arcgisonline application, through the appid parameter

However, I have found that some parameters are not correctly parsed

Starting in /Swipe/src/app/storymaps/core/Core.js, line 395, the response from the JSON app data is processed.

This code
var webmapsIds = WebApplicationData.getWebmaps(false);

should return an array with the webmap ids, but it returns the plain string (no splitting performed)
That causes the if()s in the following lines to behave unexpectedly, namely
411: if (webmapsIds && webmapsIds.length == 2

Besides, the other part of that if():
Returns undefined, even if the app.model property is correctly set to �??TWO_WEBMAPS�?�

So it all goes through the wrong branch of the if() in line 425 and fails.

Am i missing something, or is there a specific way i should configure my app?

Sample app data:

Sample viewer:

Thanks, regards!