Problems/Errors Printing Using Basic Viewer App

Discussion created by meblanc2 on May 22, 2014
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I have wrestled for months with problems printing from AGOL.  We are hosting the HTML (Basic Viewer) locally but the services are in the cloud.  I've recently rebuilt the Web Map to ensure that we weren't pulling secure services and I downloaded the new HTML zip and applied it to our site (test site).  I'm still having problems. 

In IE 9 and IE 10, I often get a message saying my map is printing but then nothing happens. Same results in Firefox. I almost never get the option for the Printout.  In Chrome I usually get a printout but hardly ever on the first try of opening the app in a fresh browser window.  The first try either just produces nothing or a I get an Error (400).

I get similar results when I try to print from the Web Application that is actually hosted up in the cloud (vs the locally-hosted HTML page).

Here is our page with the older HTML:

Here is the new site with the newer HTML (same Web Map underneath):

Here is the cloud hosted Application:

Any help/suggestions is appreciated.