Data Driven Pages - spatial reference changes mid-way!

Discussion created by gambrels on May 20, 2014
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Hi All,

I am building a set of about 200 parcel maps via Data Driven Pages.  I just about have everything worked out, except there is this one problem that I cannot seem to fix.  It seems more like a bug than anything but perhaps someone else has experienced this.

So, our maps are named "001"-"100" in the urban part of town, and then "R01"-"R99" in rural areas.  I'm finding that when I step through the numeric pages, everything is A-OK.  But when I hit the first alphanumeric page, "K42" (an oddball in terms of name), all of a sudden nothing appears.  And continues to not appear as I step through the other alphanumeric maps.

On further inspection, I find that the problem is that the coordinate system of the data frame is changing for our usual NAD83 Maine-East to RT90_25_GON_W.  Really Weird!!!

I can reset the coordinate system and refresh the maps all I want, the behavior happens every single time.

So far I've run through MXD doctor, and also re-created the MXD by copying & pasting elements from the broken MXD  to a new one.  Neither has made a difference.  I'm hesitant to just start over from scratch, as the maps are fairly involved (several different data-driven frames, and a number of layers using page-dependent symbology and labeling, etc. )  I worry that I'll spend a ton of time just to find the same situation, because maybe the problem is alphanumeric page names or something.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this??

Thanks for your time!