Multiple Web Adapter Installlation

Discussion created by steven_3535 on May 20, 2014
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I've looked through the installation documents and there isn't a whole lot on this.  I'm curious as to how this works.  We are installing on Server 2012, ArcGIS Server version 10.2.2, with dual web adapters for redundancy.  I have the web adapters installed on separate servers and pointed to the Site I created.

So from what I understand, we are pointing our external access to our first web adaptor, say arcgis1.  Since I have added say arcgis2 web adaptor, how does the software know if arcgis1 is down and to redirect to arcgis2.  Are there additional steps that need to be taken to ensure this happens.

Also if their is a load balancer installed between arcgis1 and arcgis2, will it still redirect to the other server if one of them goes down?

Or is it the "don't worry about how it just does" type of thing?