Measurement Widget clear Result and Query trouble

Discussion created by mmaierea on May 20, 2014
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So I've been working on this web map for a couple of weeks now trying to get everything in. I Have basic knowledge of JavaScript but when I get stuck I do get stuck.

What I'm trying to accomplish is to clear the results once I have used the measuring tool on the map. I found out another useful post on using the destroy method for the widget but I couldnt find a working clearResult(); method for it. You can see my frustration in my code. Function is built, button points to it, but then it says that the function is not defined:| (Firebug debugging)

Here is my code ( ) and here is the destroy forum post ( )

As for the query. Im trying to get the {capREAL} field to be queried and for the user to input the amount inside a search box but I am lost on how to make it work. (In JSFiddle you need to scroll down the left header content pane in order to see the search box).

Thank you in advance.