Wildcard in FIELD NAME (Model Builder)

Discussion created by katze01 on May 14, 2014
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I've got the following issue to address:

I process a bunch of shapefiles with a certain name stored in a folder. I use the %name% variable to name the outputs of geoprocessing operations.

Now, I want to use an SQL statement for a Selection (Select Tool). I don't now the exact fieldname, because the field is produced during a geoprocessing task executed before (Identity). The name is something like "FID_" +[shapefilename]+ [s+further characters], but not exactly known. So I'd like to make a query such as: "FID"+%name% + "s*" > -1 . My thought is to pass a variable containing the expression needed for the Select Tool. So far it is possible to pass a string variable such as "FID_%name%" , but the s* Wildcard is not accepted as SQL syntax.

Any clues?

Tank you very much for your help!