Setting OGC WMTS as default basemap crashes Portal (and also arcgis.com) Viewer

Discussion created by s.kuensteresri-de-esridist Employee on May 12, 2014
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Hi all,

we try to set an OGC WMTS basemap as the default basemap in our Portal Viewer.
The Viewer starts up but fails to load any tiles. Starting any application using Portal connection (like Esri Maps for Office) also fails with or without error messages. If we use an ArcGIS for Server WMTS as default basemap everything's working fine.
It seems that Portal Viewer (and ArcGIS.com viewer as well!) uses additional information of the ArcGIS for Server service to initialize properly. We watched the viewer requesting information from the ArcGIS for Server MapServer REST interface:


Can you confirm that?

Of course these requests won't work with an OGC WMTS service set as the default basemap.

If I startup with an ArcGIS for Server WMTS service as default basemap and add the OGC WMTS after the Viewer is initialized everythings working fine.

How would you set an OGC WMTS as the default basemap?
This question is crucial for the success of our project...