Replication of 'sync' enabled data

Discussion created by nzmalc on May 11, 2014
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I have been having an issue setting up data replication using a geodata service on 'sync' enabled data. Does anyone have any ideas how to get past the issue below?

We have a cloud server with a number of datasets that are going to be used for offline editing in AGOL. To enable the data to be used offline, it must be stored as non-versioned. This is fine, no issues here.

The issue comes when we want to replicate the same data off the cloud server, to our servers within our network, for displaying in internal GIS viewers, etc. In order to replicate data, the data must be versioned.

So does anyone have any ideas how I can get around this issue when one process requires non versioned data while the other process required versioned data. I have tried and discounted the following idea...

- Having two copies of the data on the cloud server. One is non-versioned (the source data) and also have a versioned copy which is updated using delete/append. I can't really use this as this would mean that every time the data was synchronised through the replica, all data would be transferred each time as it would all be 'new' as the delete and append assigns new Object ID's. The download size would be too big to be practical.

Any other ideas would be appreciated.