Fail to create replica.Multiple layers are referencing a dataset,which is not support

Discussion created by rajasekar80 on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by mfletcher18
As per the following documentation, we have enabled the sync capability for feature service.

We can see all the layers in the feature service & it's sync capabilities informations,
Sync Capabilities:
[INDENT]Supports Registering Existing Data: true
Supports Sync Direction Control: true
Supports PerLayer Sync: true
Supports PerReplica Sync: false
Supports RollbackOnFailure : false
Supports Async: true[/INDENT]

And we are trying to access the feature service from the client application (Android device) & got the following error,
[INDENT]"Failed to create replica. Multiple layers are referencing a dataset, which is not supported."[/INDENT]
we have did some workaround to resolve this issue. But it's always throwing the same exception. We were not sure about this issue. If any help that would be appreciated.