Batch GeoCoding and reverse geocoding

Discussion created by sachwagh on May 8, 2014

I am new to ArcGIS online. I have couple of questions regarding geocoding. First question is regarding batch geocoding

I need to batch geocode addresses in csv file and I need csv, with lat/lon appended, as output.

Steps taken so far using JavaScript REST API
-Uploaded csv file using addItem
-Analyzed csv using Analyze
-Published as feature service as I have large number of addresses
-View geocoded addresses on web map by adding feature service

Is there any better way to batch geocode address table?
How can I get CSV file with lat/lon appended?

My second question is is it possible to batch reverse geocode. I want addresses to be appended to CSV file containg lat longs. In short exact opposite scenario to my first question. At least I need multiple locations to be reverse geocoded.