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Discussion created by jeff.pace on May 7, 2014
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So we rewrote our mapviewer to be lightweight, mobile device compatible (ipad mini size and up, phones are not in our target group).
Initially started with a template I found on here, highly customized.  API 3.9, fully AMD

Would love some feedback from the community.  Please either reply here or use the feedback button on the app.  If you do use the feedback button, please indicate that you are using the BETA viewer.

1. Basemap Gallery (with google, and street view)
2. TOC
3. Searching by attribute and location, with buffering
4. Location aware on touch devices
5. Printing :) (custom implementation)
6. Basemap download
7. Drawing. 
8. Custom Bookmarks via cookies
9. Live layer swap out (via settings tab)
10. Details of identify in side panel, with linking and export to excel
11. Pictometry oblique imagery viewer embedded
12. Navigation tools only show up on Desktop
13. Removed all jQuery code so it is fully DOJO

TO DO still
1. Measurement (custom widget, migrating now)
2. Directions - need routable centerline, working on data

Editing is enabled but only available to logged in users :)

Fully https complaint as well.

Please let me know what you think!!