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Is it possible to merge line features with the Javascript API?

Question asked by holocron on May 5, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by osedok
Has anyone been able to successfully merge two or more line geometries with the JAPI?  If so, is there sample code somewhere?  The editor widget in the api provides a union tool but that only works for polygons.  Interestingly, the doc for the editor widget calls this operation a merge and not a union, but it is just a union of polygons.  That's a bit confusing since there is a difference between a merge and union operation.  And according to the doc, the geometry service only allows for a union and not a merge like you can do in ArcMap.  I'm trying to create a web app that will allow my editors to merge line features.  The following older post asked a similar question but it was never answered.

I would appreciate any insight as to how to do this with JAPI.