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Geocoding Error: ArcGIS 10.2 will not geocode addresses from table

Question asked by echorivera on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2014 by bbroussard50
Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on this forum, but it's been helpful for me to browse in the past. I'm hoping someone can help solve my issue. Thanks in advance!

I created an excel file (version 2004) with only a handful of address (30 addresses). About 6 months ago, I geocoded it without any problems using 10.1. I had to update the addresses about a month ago, but when I tried to do it again I kept getting error messages. I browsed this forum and tried to add the new World address locator and followed the instructions given by esri. It didn't help me at all.  Then I saw a comment about how 10.2 might fix the problems.

So, I now have 10.2 and even installed every patch/update I found that might possibly be related to geocoding. I hoped that it would solve it, but nope. I still get "there was an error trying to process this table". There is no error code.

I can use the geocode feature to find addresses and then add them as a point one at a time. So, that works. But having this done using a table does not. Am I formatting my table incorrectly? Does it only accept newer versions of excel? Changing it from excel to csv doesn't help any.

Here's what I tried already:

Created an excel document with only ONE address.
Column headers are all lower case, no spaces or special characters.
Only the address, city, state, and zip are included--nothing else is there!

Version 1: address, city, state, zip each in their own column
Version 2: address, city, zip, state all in one column
Version 3: address, city, zip all in one column (it's all just for one state)

Same thing, every single time. I've spent over 6 hours checking online and trying different things and have given up. I'm not going to figure this out on my own.

I'm using the default locator: world reference or something like that

Thanks again for reading & for those who will try to help. PLEASE NOTE: I am teaching myself how to use this software and it's been a challenge. I don't understand Python and I don't understand a lot of the advice that is given in these threads. Please dumb it down as much as possible, and even listing out the steps will be even better.

~ thanks again ~