Unable to rematch addresses when output is in a filegeodatabase

11-13-2013 05:44 AM
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I am doing some geocoding and am experiencing an error rematching addresses when the geocoding result is a featureclass in a filegeodatabase. I do not have the same issue when the geocoding result is a shapefile. My geocoder is an address locator from the ESRI Data disc (street_addresses_US).

The error (see attached image) references a field called StreetID, which is created as a text(10) in both the shapefile and the filegeodatabase feature class and is generated automatically by the geocoding process.
In the geocoder pane this field contains 15 digits, which are truncated in the initial matching. It appears that when rematching manually in the FGDB, this field causes an error and I can only assume it is related to the truncation.

If I create a shapefile as the geocoding result the error doesn't occur, however then I lose all my longer field names. Any suggestions as to why a FGDB would behave this way? I have checked permissions on the FGDB and the file directory and cannot see any issues, and can replicate the issue with the default gdb in my users directory which is why I suspect the truncation.

Win 7 64bit, ArcDesktop Advanced 10.1 SP1.
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Hey, Grant, I found this write-up as it is the same error that I'm receiving and then realized that you wrote it!  This is becoming very frustrating!  If you found a work-around let me know.  I am now exporting to a shape file instead of a GDB and working fine!

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Hi Sherrie,

The problem occurs with the latest geocoder on the data disc and does not appear with older geocoders from earlier data discs. If you don't want to use the older geococder, the only workaround I could find is the same as you - export to shapefile.

ESRI told me that they were phasing out the data discs so a fix would not be forthcoming.

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