Single Sign On with SPNEGO and Tomcat from ArcGIS JavaScript API web app?

Discussion created by scottjtds on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by segalindoadev
Our organization wants to use SSO for all of our applications using SPNEGO.  We have ArcGIS Server & Web Adapter deployed to Tomcat.  We're using ArcGIS Server 10.2.

We have HTML-based maps calling secured services via the ArcGIS JavaScript API & Dojo.  However, currently this is prompting the user for a username/password the first time a secured web service is called.  The page then gets a token and stores it in the IdentityManager.  We want to skip this step.  We want Tomcat/SPNEGO and to authenticate us, & have the Web Adapter pass our credentials along to the ArcGIS Server (where we assign LDAP Users to Roles and lock down the services with these roles). 

I see in the documentation that "Windows Authentication" is supported for IIS only.  We can't use IIS.  I see no mentions of Single Sign On, SSO, or SPNEGO in the documentation, help pages, or forums.  The most hopeful thing I see is this:

Has anyone else used ArcGIS with SPNEGO or setup single sign on with another non-IIS framework?